SmarTrack offer two Fleet Vehicle Tracking Systems: SmarTrack Fleet and SmarTrack uTrack (self tracking).

SmarTrack Fleet is the latest offering in fleet management from SmarTrack, you will be able to track your vehicle and access added features. The devices can also be Monitored by Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre (extra subscription cost) giving you full Thatcham benefits and could save you money on your Insurance.

SmarTrack Fleet offers the multi-geo fence option, you are able to put a circular area around a location which generates an email or a report which will be sent whenever the vehicle leaves or enters that designated area. These geo-fences can be named/labelled to allow identification of area.

The site offers detailed reports gives you further information. overspeed warnings, geofence activity and unlimited Journey reports.

To find out more about Tracking Systems please contact us on 07967655001.